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    Do you have an idea to DIY a metal sheet laser cutting machine or plan to buy a metal sheet laser cutting machine for stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, galvanized sheet , pickling plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal cutting? Reviewing the best metal sheet laser cutting machine guide in 2022, we provide customers with professional metal sheet laser cutting machines and services

    What is Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine?

    Metal sheet laser cutting machine is a device suitable for cutting various metal plates. It is capable of cutting metal through fiber lasers, connecting the fiber laser to the CNC machine tool, and making it through the operation and control of the system and motor and other equipment, cutting metal is more convenient and efficient CNC machinery equipment.

    Metal sheet laser cutting machine can add fully enclosed cover and double exchange work table structure design. The fully enclosed design improves the safety protection performance and reduces the impact of the environment on cutting. The double exchange work table saves loading and unloading time and improves processing efficiency.

    Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine Quality Standard

    Laser cutting quality can be measured by the following 6 criteria.

    1.Cutting surface roughness

    2.Size of slag hanging on the incision

    3.Trim verticality and slope

    4.Cut edge fillet size

    5.Stripe rear drag


    Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine Features

    1.One piece of equipment can realize the four functions of leveling, feeding, cutting and unloading, breaking the traditional processing method.

    2.Automatic assembly line, online cutting of coil material, saving labor and improving production efficiency.

    3.The optical path is not restricted, the optical fiber transmission loss is small, and the processing range can be maximized.

    4.Low maintenance cost: no laser working gas; optical fiber transmission, no need for reflecting mirrors; a lot of maintenance costs can be saved.

    5.The software can realize the timely processing of various graphics and characters, which is simple and convenient to use.

    6.Perfect smoke and dust removal system.

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