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    Do you have plans to buy an affordable laser cleaning machine? Or wish there was a laser cleaner that could help you remove residue from materials like metal, stone, ceramic, and rubber? Before buying hope our buying guide can help you better understand laser cleaning machine, TPLaser provides you with the best service and machine.

    What Is Laser Cleaning ?

    Laser cleaning uses laser as a medium to achieve the purpose of removing contaminants through the interaction of light and matter (including substrate materials and contaminants). Laser cleaning is a “green” cleaning method that does not require the use of any chemicals and cleaning fluids.

    What Is Laser Cleaning Machine?

    Laser cleaner is a CNC cleaning tool for metals, stone, ceramics, etc. that removes material from a solid (or sometimes liquid) surface by irradiating it with a laser beam. At low laser flux, the material is heated by the absorbed laser energy and evaporates or sublimates. At high laser flux, the material is usually converted into a plasma. Typically, laser ablation refers to the removal of material with a pulsed laser, but if the laser intensity is high enough, a continuous wave laser beam can ablate material.

    Application of Laser Cleaning Machine

    Laser cleaning machine applications include: mold cleaning, industrial rust removal, old paint and film removal, pre-welding and post-welding treatment, deesterification of precision parts, decontamination and oxide layer removal of electronic components, cultural relics cleaning, etc. Widely used in metallurgy, mold, automobile, hardware tools, transportation, construction appliances, machinery and other industries.

    What Are the Advantages of Laser Cleaning Machines?

    1. Laser peeling paint, good conductivity, clean and easy to solder, faster use efficiency.
    2. Laser rust removal is efficient and energy-saving, with high cleanliness, environmental protection and no pollution, and low operating costs.
    3. Automatic operation, simple operation, can accurately remove surface oil, rust, coating, etc.
    4. Non-contact cleaning will not cause damage to the surface of the object.

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