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    Do you have plans to buy an affordable plate and tube laser cutting machine that can cut both metal sheets and metal tubes (including square tubes, round tubes, channel steel, angle steel, etc.)? Review 2022 best plate and tube laser cutting machine buying guide, TPLaser provides customers with professional plate and tube laser cutting machines.

    What is Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine?

    Plate and tube laser cutting machine is also known as plate and tube dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine. Plate and tube laser cutting machine is a professional equipment for metal sheet and tube cutting. Sheets of materials and pipes of different shapes can be cut efficiently and accurately. The dual-purpose fiber laser cutting machine for sheet and pipe is suitable for comprehensive processing and manufacturing enterprises.

    Plate tube laser cutting machine can cut 3000mm*1500mm (optional 4000mm*1500mm, 6000mm*1500mm, 4000mm*2000mm, 6000mm*2000mm, 8000mm*2500mm, other sizes can be customized) plate, with auxiliary tube cutting function, can be cut Round tube Ф25mm-Ф160mm, square tube 25mm*25mm-100mm*100mm (diagonal 30mm-160mm), square tube and round tube size can also be customized, length 6-12m, small slit, and small thermal effect.

    Features of Plate and Tube Laser Cutting Machine

    1.Fully automatic pipe feeding system, no manual operation is required, and the convenience is good.

    2.Integrated structure design, fine line outer edge wrapping design, 0 exposure, more tidy working environment.

    3.Highly integrated, long service life, high-efficiency and energy-saving design can greatly save costs.

    4.High safety factor. The customized fault alarm system reflects the running state of the machine at the first time; once it alarms, it automatically stops running and enters the standby state.

    5.The intersecting lines of round tubes, square tubes, elliptical tubes and metal tubes can be cut and cut, and the diameter range of cutting tubes can be greatly adjusted, which effectively widens the utilization rate of equipment.

    6.One machine for multiple purposes: it can not only meet customers’ requirements for metal plate cutting, but also meet the cutting of metal round tubes and special-shaped tubes, save the cost of purchasing two machines, save space by more than 50%, and bring higher efficiency , the price is very high.

    7.Fully intelligent numerical control system, man-machine exchange operation interface, easy to operate.

    8.Low maintenance and easy maintenance.

    Difference between Laser Tube Cutting Machine and Plate Tube Laser Cutting Machine and How to Choose?

    Advantages of laser tube cutting machine:

    1.For various round pipes, square pipes, angle steel channels, U-cut pipes, special-shaped pipes and other pipes.

    2.The pipe cutting precision is higher and the efficiency is faster.

    3.Multi-function cutting of pipes (such as breaking, punching, groove cutting, intersecting hole cutting, arc cutting, pipe carving, etc.).

    Advantages of plate and tube laser cutting machine:

    1.One machine is multi-purpose, which can cut thick and thin, or cut boards or tubes, which can reduce the floor space and save investment costs.

    2.The professional laser cutting system can cut the plate at any time, cut the pipe conversion, has the functions of graphic layout and sharp corner smooth processing, can realize the function of high-speed punching and marking, and the cutting head can automatically find the center position of the pipe.

    3.Sustainable cutting of high-reverse materials such as red copper, brass, galvanized sheet, etc., to achieve high-precision cutting of metal sheets


    Plate and tube laser cutting machine has advantages in cutting metal plates, generally cutting metal tubes can also cut metal plates; laser tube cutting machines cannot cut plates, but the cutting precision of metal tubes is high and the process engraving is strong, which can meet many requirements for cutting metal tubes . If there are both pipes and plates in metal processing, and the processing volume of the pipe is relatively small, the plate and tube cutting machine is more suitable. If the processing volume of the metal pipe is large, it is recommended to buy a laser pipe cutting machine.

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      $15000 - $28000

      Metal pipe laser cutter is a plate and tube integrated fiber laser cutting equipment launched for customers who need both plate cutting and tube cutting. It has the advantages of stable performance, high efficiency and energy saving, and high cost performance.
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      $15000 - $28000

      Fiber laser metal cutting machine mainly faces the customers who need laser cutting of sheet metal and pipe. The machine can be used for general sheet metal cutting and the cutting of common square, round and rectangular tubes.
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      $15000 - $28000

      Pipe fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting equipment that "integrates" the functions of metal sheet and pipe cutting, which provides a greater competitive advantage for manufacturers who carry out multiple processing projects at the same time.
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