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    Hot Sale Fiber MOPA Laser Marking Machine for Color Marking

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    Product Introduction

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    Color laser marking machine has perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability, and the laser design has a long life, and color marking on various materials. TPLaser provide best MOPA laser marking system for sale with affordable price

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    Product Descriptions

    What Is MOPA Laser Marking Machine?

    The pulse frequency and pulse width of MOPA laser marking machine are independently controlled, and the change of frequency will not affect the pulse width. In addition, the MOPA laser marking machine uses the difference in material processing characteristics of different pulse widths, and wide and narrow pulses are mutually assisted in processing, which can make the laser suitable for a wider range of marking materials, and the processing effect can more easily meet customer requirements.

    The MOPA laser marking machine uses a pulse-width adjustable MOPA fiber laser to output laser light, and realizes the marking function through a high-speed scanning galvanometer system. The laser marking machine has a high-quality laser beam, low cost of use, and 100,000 hours of maintenance-free.

    The MOPA laser marking machine is used in fields with high requirements for fineness, smoothness and color. Therefore, the MOPA laser marking machine is suitable for black aluminum oxide, 304 stainless steel, black plastic white, white plastic black and other fields. The pattern fonts are environmentally friendly and comply with ROHS standards.

    The laser marking machine is designed with an integrated frame structure in the whole structure, and it runs stably during use, without noise, and is easy to learn, understand and operate. MOPA laser marking machine can also perform the function of ordinary optical fiber, and the effect is more delicate, which is widely loved by customers.

    How to Mark Colors on Metal with MOPA Laser Marking Machine?

    Pulse width and frequency are the characteristics of the MOPA laser marking machine, which are independently adjustable; and these two parameters are also the two most distinctive parameters in the laser marking machine for stainless steel coloring. Today we are introducing one of them. One, and one marking auxiliary parameter-frequency and power.

    Speaking of power, everyone is no stranger to it. It is the most important and intuitive control variable that can affect the laser single pulse output. After testing, it is found that when stainless steel is coloring, the frequency is “competing” with the pulse width, and the frequency parameter has a richer effect on the color change. If the frequency and power are put together, the following rules will appear under certain conditions: in densely filled spacing, medium pulse width, high frequency (filling spacing<0.005mm; pulse width 45ns-100ns; frequency ≥300kHZ) Under the circumstances, the power is increased from small, and the color displayed on the stainless steel presents a very regular change feature: yellow, red, blue, green until green slowly becomes darker.

    So far, it can be seen that under the premise of densely filled spacing, medium pulse width, and high frequency, the change of filling appears to have less effect on the change of color, and more color changes are caused by frequency and power. In other words, these differences in color are mainly affected by the single pulse energy of the laser itself and its spot overlap rate on the steel sheet, and are reflected in the color rendering method of stainless steel.

    In summary, the color of the laser marking machine is a manifestation of its energy and density for the same material. It is determined by the energy density.

    Features of Color Laser Marking Machine with MOPA Fiber Laser Source

    1.Fiber laser marking machine has good beam quality, small concentrated spot, high marking accuracy, fast speed and wide application range;

    2.The Mopa laser marking machine has high frequency and adjustable pulse width, which can be used for special requirements of oxygen aluminum black, light-transmitting keys and unconventional materials;

    3.No consumables, no maintenance, easy operation, energy saving, long life, fast speed and high production efficiency;

    4.The appearance is small, stylish, and personalized design, which fully guarantees the convenience of users in the process of use;

    5.Clear marking, not easy to wear, high efficiency of engraving and cutting, environmental protection and energy saving.

    6.The whole machine adopts modular design, no wearing parts, and perfect self-diagnosis system, which saves time, effort and worry for maintenance.

    Specifications of MOPA Laser Marking Machine 

    Model TPJ-60W
    Laser power 60w
    Laser Source MOPA LASER
    Fiber Cable Length 3m
    Laser wavelength 1064nm
    Pulse Width 2-500ns
    Repetition Frequency Range 1-4000kHz
    Marking area 110*110mm
    Output Beam Diameter 7±0.5mm
    Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
    Minimum Character 0.1mm
    Graphic format supported Ai, plt, ;dxf, dst, svg, nc, bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, tga, png, tiff, tif
    Repeatability Accuracy ±0.001mm

    Applications of Color Laser Marking Machine with MOPA Fiber Laser Source

    1.Metal field: stainless steel products, hardware industry, clock and watch industry, gold and silver jewelry industry, molds and other metal materials.

    2.Non-metallic fields: PVC industry, PCB circuit board, ABS housing, chip industry, plastic marking, ceramic products, etc.

    3.Indicate the processing area: paint or ink, anodizing, electroplating and electrophoresis, etc. surface marking logo

    4.Other applications: micro-hole processing, metal wire stripping and deep marking of metal materials

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