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    2022 Affordable Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Price

    Model: TPF-W300
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    Standard Price: $3200 / Set
    Price Range: $3200 to $5000 / Set According to Configurations
    Supply Ability: 100 Sets / Month In stock!
    Payment Terms: T/T(Telegraphic Transfer), Mastercard, Visa, e-Checking

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    Product Introduction

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    2022 affordable jewelry laser welding machine price mainly used for gold welding, silver welding, titanium alloy welding, stainless steel welding,

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    Product Descriptions

    Features of Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Price

    1. Affordable jewelry laser welding machine price imported gold-plated cavity (non-ceramic), high reflectivity, strong energy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life.
    2. The laser energy, pulse width and frequency are adjustable, suitable for precision welding of various metal fine parts and jewelry;
    3. High-power beam expansion system to obtain a finer spot to meet the needs of fine laser spot welding.
    4. The internal space is large, which is convenient for placing laser spot welding tools and fixtures; the welding slag recovery box is installed to facilitate cleaning and recovery of gold welding slag.
    5. LED ring shadowless lamp, observing the workpiece without shadow, with the help of high-definition parallel light path microscope, you can observe the laser welding position more clearly.
    6. The shielding gas output by the laser simultaneously ensures that the solder joints are beautiful and will not be oxidized and discolored.
    7. Affordable jewelry laser welding machine price is ergonomically designed, which is more suitable for the jewelry industry, with stable performance and suitable for long-term continuous work.

    Application of Jewelry Laser Welding Machine

    Affordable Jewelry laser welding machine price widely used in precision casting welding, such as: jewelry, dentures, clocks and watches, medical, instrumentation, electronics, mechanical mold processing, automobiles and other industries. It is especially suitable for the welding of gold and silver jewelry’s repair holes, spot welding sand holes, repair seam patterns, inlaid parts and claw feet.

    jewelry laser welding machine price

    Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Specification

    Model TPF-W300
    Laser Power 50-500w
    Laser Wavelength ND:YAG /1064nm
    Welding Mode Spot welding
                                                          Modulation Frequency 1-20Hz
    Focal Spot Diameter 0.1-1.5mm adjustable
    Pulse Width 1ms-20ms adjustable
    Peak Energy 60J
    Welding Bath Depth 0.05-2mm(Depending on the material)
    Observation Method Optional microscope or CCD camera
    Cooling Mode Built-in Chiller
    Consumables Xenon lamp, Protective lens, Water, Protective gas (or compressed air)
    Power Consumption 3KW
    Power Requirement 220V/ 50-60Hz
    Dimension & Weight 850*500*600mm   &   80KG

    Machine Parts

    1. Jewelry laser welding machine price with stable laser source

    Jewelry laser welding machine laser source

    2. High-definition flat light road CCD microscope, equipped with LED shadowless ring lamp, welding position clearly visible.

    Jewelry laser welding machine CCD

    3. The welding area has a large space, which is convenient for the placement of welding tools and fixtures.

    Jewelry laser welding machine price table

    4. The jewelry laser welding machine price with bigger protection cover

    Jewelry laser welding machine

    Jewelry Laser Welding Machine Advantages:

    Jewelry laser welding machine price is a laser welding emachine dedicated to the metal jewelry industry. It is mainly used for gold jewelry laser welding, silver jewelry laser welding, titanium alloy jewelry laser welding, stainless steel jewelry laser welding, and manual laser welding of small metal parts. Welding etc. It has the characteristics of high precision, low energy consumption, firm welding and small size.

    Our Service

    1. Warranty: we provide 3 years warranty for jewelry laser welding machine price, and lifetime technical support.

    2. Pre-sales service: We provide you with the best solution according to your project needs, then recommend a suitable jewelry laser welding machine price for you and list a quotation for you, and then complete the deal.

    3. Production period: We will send you the photos and videos of the installed fiber laser cutting machine within the specified time, and then let you know the production progress of the laser welding machine.

    4. Before delivery: The jewelry laser welding machine price will be adjusted and tested within 48 hours. We will send you the test video and pictures, let you check the working accuracy of the machine, and then book the shipping vessel.

    5. After shipment: We will send all the documents to you: When the machine arrives at your port, the shipping agent will notify you to pick up the machine.

    6. After-sales service: When you get the jewelry laser welding machine price, our online engineers 24 hours online technical support via email, Skype online contact software or door-to-door service.Then teach you how to train the machine


    1). Outside package: with standard marine export plywood box.
    2). Inner package: use stretchy film and plastic film.
    3). English software, User manual and detail installation and training videos in USB when delivery.
    4). Some extra spare parts in the tools box (Such as electrical components, limit switches etc.)
    5). Jewelry laser welding machine price TPF-W300 packing size: 1.2*1.1*1.7m, GW: 350kg; Within 25 working days when get your payment.

    Jewelry laser welding machine packing list

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