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    Model: TPK1625C
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    Standard Price: $12500 / Set
    Price Range: $11500 to $17000 / Set According to Configurations
    Supply Ability: 100 Sets / Month In stock!
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    Product Introduction

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    Insulating paper cutting machine is a professional cutting equipment for insulating paper launched by TPLaser, with high precision, fast speed, continuous work, high flexibility, and all functions are modularly designed and can be combined arbitrarily.

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    Product Descriptions

    Insulating paper cutting machine has a thick-walled and all-steel structure design, overall welding, high rigidity, and high strength. The machine will not deform or shake during long-term operation. The gantry moves and the work surface is fixed.

    hot sale insulating paper cutting machine

    What Is Insulating Paper?

    Insulating paper is a general term for electrical insulating paper. It is used as an insulating material for various electrical equipment such as cables and coils. In addition to having good insulation properties and mechanical strength, each has its own characteristics.

    Features of Insulating Paper Cutting Machine

    1.The insulating paper cutting machine adopts imported multi-axis and multi-channel control system, which has the characteristics of high response, high anti-interference and high stability.

    2.The design concept of the replaceable head, the gorgeous connection of the integrated tool head that is not fixed, according to the actual work requirements and the expansion of the business scope, it is easy to replace and add a variety of tool heads;

    3.The servo motor drives the screw control mode, and the connection with the computer can preset the depth of the knife according to different needs. Compared with the old pneumatic magnetic head, it can completely say goodbye to the history of manually adjusting the depth of the knife according to experience. It is easy to digitize and completely solve the problem of pneumatic pressure. Temperature and time fluctuations.

    4.The controller has been upgraded from the era of computer motherboard card insertion to the era of high-performance integrated circuit controllers, which can be connected to all ordinary computers (including notebook computers), and it is not necessary to replace ordinary computer operating devices as easily as computer failures. Completely solve the problem of cutting equipment paralysis caused by the previous computer link failure.

    5.Considering the use of the customer’s actual environmental factors, the insulating paper cutting machine is specially equipped with an anti-interference operation screen, which is not affected by the surrounding electronic environment and does not use the screen.

    6.The data interface is a network interface, which can be upgraded and maintained remotely, transmission speed, long-distance transmission, simultaneous transmission with multiple computers, long-distance operation and upgrade, which is more advanced and convenient than the old serial port, parallel port and PCl interface.

    7.The insulating paper cutting machine can be equipped with a variety of tools and drawing pen tools such as vibrating knife, dragger, circle chart (drive wheel, pneumatic circle chart option), etc. According to the material, a variety of materials such as line drawing, dotted line cutting, and half cutting can be used. .

    Parts Detail of Insulating Paper Cutting Machine

    insulating paper cutting machine head and control system

    insulating paper cutting machine table

    insulating paper cutting machine guide rail

    insulating paper cutting machine CCD

    Samples of Insulating Paper Cutting Machine

    insulating paper cutting machine sample

    Maintenance Method of Insulating Paper Cutting Machine

    1.The environmental requirements of the insulating paper cutting machine should be placed in a place that cannot be exposed to sunlight, or on a shaded surface, to avoid the cracking phenomenon caused by direct sunlight on the table.

    2.Regularly clean dust and wipe the table. It is best to use alcohol to directly achieve the effect of disinfection. Keep the machine tool and guides clean.

    3.Regularly add oil to the spindle bearing of the vibrating knife to ensure that it can worknormally.

    4.Regularly check the belt and grinding wheel of the insulating paper cutting machine for cracks. Once cracks are found, immediately notify professional maintenance personnel to deal with them.

    5.Regular inspection of the computer system of the insulating paper cutting machine is also a crucial link. The computer system is directly related to the normal operation of the vibrating knife cutting machine, so the computer system needs to be regularly maintained, disinfected and optimized.

    6.During the use of the insulating paper cutting machine, there is an abnormal noise. It is necessary to turn off the power immediately to find the cause. It is necessary to notify the maintenance personnel of the equipment, so that the maintenance personnel can carry out professional maintenance and testing.

    7.As long as it is machinery and equipment, there is a certain risk, and it must be used in strict accordance with the formal operating procedures. If you leave in the middle of use. Be sure to turn off the power to avoid other people’s use in violation of regulations, which may cause dangerous injuries to the machine and personal safety.

    8.Regularly check the rotating part of the cutter head of the vibrating knife, monitor the vulnerable parts at any time, it is best to maintain the record, and prepare the replacement parts in advance.

    9.While the machine is important, the skill level of the operator is also particularly important. Professional and technical training should be carried out on the operator on a regular basis to improve his operation level. This will also improve the quality of work. Operators must undergo professional training before they can work. Without the consent of the technicians, they cannot operate without permission. So as not to cause irreparable harm to yourself and the machine.

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    How to Buy A Insulating Paper Cutting Machine?

    1.Inquiry: Our sales staff will provide suitable insulating paper cutting machine configuration according to the material and thickness you cut and your budget.

    2.Communication and discussion: Both parties make configuration changes according to the customer’s requirements (provided that insulating paper cutting machine quality and cutting effect are guaranteed), and solve customer’s machine parameters and configuration questions.

    3.Make a quotation: We will make a quotation with the detailed configuration of the machine according to the results of the communication and discussion, so that the customer can understand insulating paper cutting machine more clearly.

    4.Cooperation between the two parties: If everything has beed confirmed, we will make a proforma invoice(PI) and sign a contract with the customer.

    5.Start production: The customer arranges to pay a deposit after receiving the proforma invoice and contract. When we receive the deposit, we will immediately arrange the production machine and update the production process at any time.

    6.Shipment: When the machine is finished, we will send the customer a photo of the machine and test video (the whole machine will be tested before shipment to ensure that it can work well). After receiving the final payment from the customer, we will arrange for the machine to be sent to your country.

    7.Customs clearance: We will provide all necessary customs clearance documents according to the customer’s national customs requirements to ensure the smooth customs clearance of the customer.

    8.After-sales service: When the customer receives the machine, our engineers will provide you with installation and operation services (of course, the machine also comes with installation and operation manuals and videos), and we will contact you via Email, Skype, Whatsapp or other contact software Communication, we are online 24 hours, if you have any questions about the machine, you can contact us at any time.

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