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    Top Quality Handheld Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine for sale

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    Product Introduction

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    2022 Best handheld fiber laser marking machine, mini fiber laser marking machine is small in size, hand-held operation, and can engrave metals, non-metals, etc. Handheld fiber laser marking machine is small and portable. TPLaser sells mini laser marking machines at an affordable price.

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    Product Descriptions

    What is Mini Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine?

    Mini Handheld fiber laser marking machine, also known as handheld fiber laser marking machine, portable fiber laser marking machine, is currently the world’s advanced laser marking equipment, in order to solve the problem of laser marking of existing large parts design, is mainly used for marking products on various large workpieces and places with relatively constrained space. The whole machine and the main computer box are small and convenient. It can be hand-held for operation. It can perform laser marking on large mechanical parts in any direction, which can meet the needs of moving alternately and dynamically marking different parts of different workpieces.

    Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine Applications

    Handheld laser marking machines are widely used in electronic and communication products, various auto parts, hardware tools, instruments, glasses and watches, sanitary ware, integrated circuits, plastic surfaces, metal jewelry, buttons, food packaging, jewelry, precision instruments, etc. Graphic and text markings in many fields.

    Mini laser marking machine is suitable for: stainless steel, aluminum, copper, alloy and other metal products, spray paint, oxidized metal products, aluminum-plastic profiles, electroplating, anodizing materials, etc.; non-metallic materials include: bamboo and wood products, plastics, rubber , Resin, stone, glass, crystal, ceramics, leather, cloth, MDF, acrylic sheet, paper, etc.

    Fiber laser marking machine, clear marking, fast marking speed, cost saving, small footprint.



    Laser power

    30w(20w/50w/100w can option)

    Laser source


    Light wave length


    Marking area

    110*110mm((200*200mm, 300*300mm for option) )

    Max marking speed


    Min linewidth


    Min marking character


    Cooling way

    Air cooling

     Handheld Fiber Laser Marking Machine Features

    1.Handheld fiber laser marking machine has an integrated modular design. The device is characterized by its small size and can be put into the trunk of a car for easy handling, and it can work even in a small workplace. This machine is “small, but complete with all internal organs”. It has the high speed, high quality and cost-effectiveness of a fiber laser marking machine.

    2.The integrated design of the system makes it more convenient for customers to use, and provides ideal solutions for various industrial applications.

    3.Fiber laser marking machine adopts pulsed fiber laser.

    4.The all-fiber structure design of the laser ensures the high reliability of the laser without any optical components for collimation adjustment.

    6.Handheldlaser marking machine has a long service life, small size, no need for a huge water cooling system, just simple cold air. It can also work normally under certain harsh environments such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dust.

    7.The processing speed is 2-3 times that of the traditional laser marking machine, with excellent beam quality, small spot, narrow marking line, suitable for fine marking.

    8.Low cost of use, power saving and energy saving.

    9.The laser is more oscillated in the fiber wave, has low loss, good stability, and is not affected by external dust and mechanical loosening.

    Warranty of Handheld Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

    –36 months guarantee of fiber laser marking machine, we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.

    –Software is on update for free whole life.

    –24/7 Our engineer could service you online by Skype, yahoo, msn, QQ, or by cellphone.

    –If you need, overseas service is available

    Quality Control of Mini Fiber Laser Etching Machine

    1.During the production process, our production staff and engineers will carry out strict quality control.

    2.Our quality inspection department and engineers will carry out rigorous 48-hour tests on all machines delivered.

    OEM Service for Handheld Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

    1.We will customize the machine according to the customer’s needs and requirements to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the customer.

    2.All OEM services are free, you only need to provide us with your logo, functional requirements, colors, etc.

    3.No MOQ(minimum order quantity) requirement.

    Payment terms for Handheld Fiber Laser Etching Machine

    1.50% T/T advance deposit, the balance is paid before shipment.

    2.Alibaba trade assurance.

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