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    Cheap Color Laser Marking Machine with Mopa Laser for Sale 

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    Product Introduction

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    Affordable fiber laser engraver is the best choice for black marking on aluminum oxide and color marking on stainless steel. TPLaser provides the best rotary color laser engraving machine.

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    Product Descriptions

    What Is Color Laser Marking Machine?

    Color laser marking machine is a new type of color laser marking process. At present, only MOPA fiber laser can mark color patterns on metal materials such as stainless steel, chromium, and titanium.

    The principle of color development of metal fiber laser engraving machine, there are three color development methods:

    One is to generate colored oxides;

    Second, under the effect of chemistry, electrochemistry or laser, a very thin colorless and transparent oxide film is formed on the surface of stainless steel. The interference effect of the oxide film can show colors on the surface;

    The third is that there is a mixed state of colored oxide and oxide film at the same time.

    Corresponding relationship between color change and laser energy in stainless steel color laser marking, laser thermal effect on stainless steel watch under laser effect. After the laser thermal effect, it is concluded that the laser energy fluorescence density is directly proportional to the film thickness. With the increase of laser energy, the color of the stainless steel surface changes in the following color sequence: orange-red-purple-blue-green and blue-blue-green-green-yellow-green-yellow-orange-red.

    All kinds of text and pictures can be modified at will, which is very convenient and easy to operate, absolutely environmental protection, no pollution; fast symbol speed, for the stainless steel product industry, the use of color laser marking can add the color of symbol graphics, which can greatly improve the quality of stainless steel products and added value of goods.

    What Is MOPA Laser?

    MOPA (Master Oscillator Power-Amplifier) laser refers to a laser structure in which a laser oscillator and an amplifier are cascaded.

    The MOPA fiber laser pulse seed optical signal is generated by the electric pulse driving semiconductor laser chip, that is, the output optical signal is modulated by the driving electric signal, so it is very strong flexibility for generating different pulse parameters. (pulse width, repetition frequency, pulse waveform and power, etc.)

    The pulse width of MOPA fiber laser has any tunability (range 2ns~500 ns). The narrower the pulse width, the smaller the heat-affected zone, and higher processing accuracy can be obtained.

    Mopa fiber color laser marking machine is suitable for aluminum oxide blackening, 304 stainless steel coloring, anode stripping, coating stripping, semiconductor and electronics industries, plastics and other sensitive materials marking and PVC plastic pipe industries.

    How Does Color Laser Marking Machine Working for Different Material?

    MOPA color laser marking machine adopts directly electrically modulated semiconductor laser as the fiber laser of the seed source (MOPA) scheme. In the industry, MOPA laser refers to a unique, more It is an “intelligent” nanosecond pulsed fiber laser. Its “intelligence” is mainly reflected in the output pulse width is independently adjustable (range 2ns-500ns), and the repetition frequency can be as high as megahertz. Through the adjustment and matching of two laser parameters, the high-speed scanning galvanometer system can achieve a constant peak high power output and can be applied to a wider range of marking substrates.

    Application of surface stripping of aluminum oxide sheet

    Today’s electronic products are becoming thinner and lighter. Many mobile phones, tablets, and computers use thin and light aluminum oxide as the product shell. The use of MOPA laser’s smaller pulse width parameters can make the material not easy to deform, and the shading is more delicate and brighter. This is because the MOPA laser uses a small pulse width parameter to make the laser stay on the material shorter, and has high enough energy to remove the anode layer, so for the processing of stripping the anode on the surface of the thin aluminum oxide plate, MOPA Lasers are a better choice.

    Anodized aluminum blackening application

    Using lasers to mark black trademarks, models, texts, etc. on the surface of anodized aluminum materials, this application has gradually been widely used on the shells of electronic products by electronic manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei, ZTE, and Lenovo in the past two years. It is used to mark the trademark, model, etc. of the black mark. For such applications, only MOPA lasers can process them at present. Because the MOPA laser has a wide range of pulse width and pulse frequency adjustment, the use of narrow pulse width and high frequency parameters can mark the surface of the material with black effects, and different combinations of parameters can also mark different grayscale effects.

    Color laser marking

    MOPA lasers mark color patterns on stainless steel, chromium, titanium and other metal materials. When coloring stainless steel materials, the color of the surface layer of the material can be changed by adjusting the laser beam to obtain decorative effects with different colors.

    Electronics, semiconductors, ITO precision processing applications

    In precision processing such as electronics, semiconductors, and ITO, fine scribing applications are often required. Because the MODA laser can flexibly adjust the pulse width and frequency parameters, it can not only make the drawn lines fine, but also the edges appear smooth and not rough.

    Color Laser Engraver Features & Advantages

    1.The beam quality of the color laser marking machine is good, which is close to the diffraction limit, so that it can achieve finer marking; the processing heat-affected zone is small;

    2.Mopa laser adopts the pulse width adjustable mode, the pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable, the pulse shape is controllable, and the parameter adjustment range is large;

    3.The aluminum material can be directly marked with a black effect, and the marking place is smooth and has no uneven marks;

    4.The electro-optical conversion rate is as high as 30%, and the power consumption is about 10% of that of traditional models;

    5.The fiber laser marker is cooled by air cooling, the whole machine is small and exquisite;

    6.No consumables, maintenance-free, and long service life;

    7.It can achieve constant peak power output and higher processing efficiency;

    8.The laser output power is stable and the reliability is high, which can meet the production demand of continuous and stable processing for 24 hours;

    9.The marking is fine, beautiful and durable.

    Color Laser Marking Machine Specifications

    Model TPJ-60W
    Laser power 60w
    Laser Source MOPA LASER
    Fiber Cable Length 3m
    Laser wavelength 1064nm
    Pulse Width 2-500ns
    Repetition Frequency Range 1-4000kHz
    Marking area 110*110mm
    Output Beam Diameter 7±0.5mm
    Minimum Line Width 0.01mm
    Minimum Character 0.1mm
    Graphic format supported Ai, plt, ;dxf, dst, svg, nc, bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, tga, png, tiff, tif
    Repeatability Accuracy ±0.001mm

    Color Laser Engraving Machine Applications

    The color laser engraver applicable industries: mobile phone shell, IPAD, mobile phone buttons, electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, communication products, sanitary ware, tool accessories, knives, glasses and watches, jewelry, auto parts, luggage Decorative buttons, cooking utensils, stainless steel products, handicrafts gifts and other industries.

    The main process of the color laser engraver is used for fine marking of metal and non-metal materials, stainless steel color marking, aluminum oxide blacking, anode stripping, coating stripping, semiconductor and electronic industries, plastics and other sensitive materials marking and PVC plastics Pipe industry. Mopa color laser marking is suitable for the fields of aluminum oxide blackening, 304 stainless steel coloring, black plastic whitening, white plastic blackening, etc., coating, electroplating, spraying and other surface treatments. The laser pattern fonts are environmentally friendly and meet the ROHS standard.

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