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    Model: TPK2080
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    Standard Price: $11300 / Set
    Price Range: $11300 to $22000 / Set According to Configurations
    Supply Ability: 100 Sets / Month In stock!
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    Product Introduction

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    CNC Styrofoam cutting machine is a high-speed material cutting equipment, which can automatically and accurately complete full cutting, marking and other processes, widely used in foam, sponge, wrapping paper, automotive interiors, advertising, clothing, home, composite materials, etc. .

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    Product Descriptions

    What Is Styrofoam?

    Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a lightweight polymer. It is a foamed plastic with a rigid closed-cell structure by adding a foaming agent to polystyrene resin, and heating it to soften it to generate gas.

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    Features of CNC Styrofoam Cutting Machine

    (1) Adopting the vibrating knife cutting technology, there is no need to make a knife mold, which saves the cost and time of knife mold manufacturing, management, storage, etc. in the production and development process

    (2) The multi-functional cutting head design, highly integrated with multiple sets of processing tools, can perform interactive cutting, punching, and scribing in one work unit to achieve one-stop operation.

    (3) It can complete the cutting of templates that are difficult, complex in style and cannot be realized by knife molds.

    (4) The powerful nesting and material calculation system can achieve automatic nesting and accurate material calculation, so as to accurately calculate the cost, accurately control the material distribution, and truly realize the digital zero inventory strategy.

    (5) Accurately simulate each operation process by computer, realize programmed operation, eliminate the interference of traditional cutting materials due to personal factors such as worker’s emotion, technology, fatigue, etc., avoid hidden waste, and thus improve the utilization rate of materials;

    Specifications of CNC Styrofoam Cutting Machine

    Model TPK1625/1825/2030
    Working size Accept customization
    Multifunctional cutting head Replaceable vibrating knives, semi-penetrating knives, oblique knives, pressure rollers and other tools
    Tool configuration Various cutting tools, pressure wheel, pen, cross positioning laser
    Security configuration Highly sensitive infrared sensor (optional)
    Moving speed Up to 1200mm/s
    Working speed Up to 800mm/s (set according to different cutting materials)
    Cutting material EPS, foam, sponge, car floor seat cover, sofa cover, genuine leather, clothing fabric, corrugated paper, chevron board, kt board,etc.
    Cutting thickness Maximum 50mm (depending on different materials)
    Material fixing method High-power vacuum adsorption and intelligent partition
    Repeatability 0.01mm
    Mechanical accuracy 0.02mm
    Transmission system Steel wire timing belt, AC servo motor, linear guide
    Control System Dual 32-bit RISC core cpu + large-scale programmable logic array FPGA
    Display method Chinese and English LCD touch screen

    Parts Detail of CNC Styrofoam Cutting Machine

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    CNC Styrofoam Cutting Machine Repair and Maintenance

    1.Choose a good environment to use the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine. It should not be placed in a place with strong light to avoid direct sunlight, so as to prevent the surface from cracking and affecting the service life.

    2.Regularly wipe the table surface of the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine with alcohol, and avoid pouring alcohol directly into the table.

    3.Regularly optimize, disinfect and maintain the computer. The instability of the computer system will also affect the normal operation of the proofing machine.

    4.Do not place heavy objects or scissors screwdrivers on the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine, so as to avoid hitting the machine head when starting the machine.

    5.Do not press the rails and beams on both sides of the vibrating knife cutting machine to avoid damage to the linear rail, which will affect the accuracy of the proofing machine.

    6.During the operation of theCNC Styrofoam cutting machine, please do not put your hands close to the running beam and head to avoid accidents.

    FAQs for CNC Styrofoam Cutting Machine

    1.What’s the package of the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine?

    1). Outside package: with standard marine export plywood box.

    2). Inner package: use stretchy film and plastic film.

    2.Can i order a custom machine, such as bed appearance、color、use my logo ?

    Sure, We accept OEM and ODM as your requirements.

    3.I am a new operator for this machine, How to operate CNC Styrofoam cutting machine?

    When you get CNC Styrofoam cutting machine, there are English software, User manual and detailed installation & training video in the USB, also our engineer 24 hours technical online support by E-mail, Skype, Live Chat, TeamViewer software. also we supply oversea after-sale service.

    4.If some problems happened to this CNC Styrofoam cutting machine , what should i do ?

    If during warranty, we free change new parts for you; After the warranty period, we provide it with our agent cost for you. and provide technical support for life.

    5.Warranty of CNC Styrofoam cutting machine?

    –36 months guarantee of the whole machine, we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement.

    –Software is on update for free whole life.

    –24/7 Our engineer could service you online by Skype, yahoo, msn, QQ, or by cellphone.

    –If you need, overseas service is available

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