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  • How does fiber laser welding machine wire feeder working

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    About fiber laser welding machine wire feeder

    Wire feeding is a very important operation link in the welding process. The wire feeding method of fiber laser welding mostly uses manual welding wire to complete the wire feeding process. It is very inconvenient for the welder to operate the wire feeding. Therefore, manual wire feeding has poor accuracy and consistency. The wire feed is unstable, which leads to inefficient welding production and poor weld formation consistency. In addition, the length of the welding wire held by the welder is limited, and the welding wire needs to be frequently taken during long-term welding. The welding efficiency is low, and a small section of welding wire will remain unusable when each section of welding wire is welded, resulting in waste.
    Fiber laser welding machine automatic wire feeding is an automatic driven mechanized wire feeding device, which is mainly used in automatic wire feeding for laser welding. The system is controlled by a microcomputer, driven by a stepping deceleration motor, with high wire feeding accuracy and good repeatability.

    General matters of fiber laser welding machine wire feeder

    01. Please be sure to follow the precautions stipulated in the manual, otherwise accidents may occur.

    02. Please follow the relevant standards and regulations for the design and construction of the input power supply, the selection of the installation site, and the use of high-pressure gas.

    03. Unrelated personnel are not allowed to enter the welding workplace.

    Automatic wire feeder welding fume hazards

    01. Please use the specified exhaust equipment to avoid accidents such as gas poisoning and suffocation.

    02. When working at the bottom of the container, the protective gas will be deposited around, causing suffocation. Particular attention should be paid to ventilation.

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