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  • 2022 Automatic Laser Pipe Cutting Machine will Win More Business Opportunities for You
  • 2022 Automatic Laser Pipe Cutting Machine will Win More Business Opportunities for You

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    In the laser processing industry, the most important technology is undoubtedly laser cutting technology, and it has been widely used, accounting for more than 2/3 of the entire laser processing industry. Compared with other cutting methods, the biggest advantage is that the cutting speed is fast and the cutting accuracy is high. At the same time, the cutting seam is also significantly reduced, which greatly reduces the heat-affected zone, the cutting surface is smooth, and there is no overshoot during the cutting process. Loud noise, etc. In the process of laser cutting, no mold is needed, so some more complicated cutting processes can be replaced, which can greatly improve production efficiency and achieve cost savings.


    In order to remain competitive, laser technology has become an indispensable process for us in the field of tube processing. As a professional manufacturer of pipe laser cutting equipment, TPLaser has always followed the needs of users in the research and development of automatic laser pipe cutting machines. The launched automatic laser pipe cutting machine for loading and unloading helps pipe cutting users in many fields to easily achieve quantitative production. demand, improve the user’s production process, improve the user’s production efficiency, so that our users have always maintained a competitive advantage in the same industry, and are deeply loved by customers.


    The development of the fully automatic laser pipe cutting machine is completely dependent on its intelligent processing advantages. In processing today’s pipes are more and more widely used, resulting in an increasing demand for pipe processing equipment.


    The quality of the pipe fittings processed by the automatic laser pipe cutting machine for loading and unloading is better. In the process of cutting, drilling, cutting and engraving of pipes of various materials, the section is smooth and free of burrs, and there is no heat-affected zone. No deformation, cutting The efficiency is higher, the cost of use is lower, and the cutting effect is better, all of which have a greater impact on the production methods of pipe processing enterprises. In order to take into account efficiency, quality and price, the automatic laser pipe cutting machine is used. To process pipe fittings is the choice of more and more pipe fittings processing enterprises, only in this way can their enterprises be more competitive in the future.


    The automatic laser pipe cutting machine has the following advantages:

    1.High cutting accuracy and high dimensional accuracy, the incision is flat and clean, without burrs, and the material loss is very small;

    2.The heat-affected zone of laser cutting is very small, there is almost no thermal deformation, and no oxidation can produce high-quality and more consistent parts, which is especially beneficial for subsequent automatic welding;

    3.The cutting efficiency is high, and mass production can be realized. All operations of laser cutting can be unified into the same unit as a continuous operation process, which greatly reduces the logistics time. The standard pipe length is 6 meters, and the traditional processing method requires very heavy clamping, while laser processing can easily complete the clamping and positioning of several meters long pipes, which makes batch processing possible.

    4.The automatic laser pipe cutting machine adopts digital system control, which is also one of the advantages of laser cutting machine for pipe cutting. First of all, to ensure accuracy and flexibility, laser tube cutting technology can process any shape that has been programmed, and can be cut in any direction. The shape of the template can be changed quickly without the help of any tools. As long as the design scheme can be modified at the last minute, it will not affect the entire product production process; the greater advantage is that the end user can control the production of short or medium versions without manufacturing a large number of templates, which can be faster It responds to customer needs and provides the possibility for personalized customization.


    With the continuous innovation and application of TPLaser automatic laser pipe cutting machine technology, more industries will use automatic laser pipe cutting machine in the future to promote production, maintain better competition, achieve long-term efficient and stable operation of equipment, and help the pipe processing industry. Efficiency and value-added.

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